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All ingenious is simple – in this sense, we develop products that are easy to use and troubleshoot technical problems, where they occur in an intelligent way.

Convince yourself of the quality and the charm of our technical solutions.

In these markets, our products are successfully used:

stahlbus Märkte

stahlbus®-Bleeder valve

Bleeding Brakes - very simple.

Bleeder valves for hydraulic systems such as brakes, clutches, etc.

stahlbus®-Oil drain valve

Changing Oil - clean and simple.

Oil drain valve for all vehicles with combustion engines, transmissions, etc.

Application list oil drain valve:

Bleeding brakes 

This innovation allows a person to bleed and refill a brake / clutch in a quick, safe and clean way.

 Bleeding brakes

Simply exchange the existing bleeding nipple by a patented stahlbus Bleeder Valve made of high-quality titanium or steel.

No matter which type of vehicle, be it a motorcycle, passenger car, truck, fourwheeler or motor scooter - we have the suitable solution for each application!



Please check  here how easy it is to bleed your brakes and clutches. 




Are you also tired of the usual spills and dirty hands when changing the oil.


Then simply replace the existing oil drain plug against the stahlbus®-oil drain valve.

Here's the function:

Öl ablassen

Now, the oil change makes fun!

More about this product, you can see here.

Motorrad 2010



This innovation allows a person to bleed and refill a brake / clutch in a quick, safe and clean way.




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