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stahlbus Bleeder Valve M8x1.25x22mm (XL), steel

Innovative quick bleeder valve for a safe, clean and quick bleeding and filling of hydraulic brakes and clutches of all vehicles. Unassisted single-hand operation. Particularly suited for substituting rubber hoses by stainless steel overbraided brake hoses (Stahlflex).

More detailed information can be found here.

Schematic operation, e.g. when bleeding a motorcycle brake:

bleeding brakes

CNC precision turned part made of nickel-plated steel for substitution of the conventional bleeding nipple.

Please choose the matching thread of the bottom part (adapter). If you are not sure which kind of thread you will need, you will find here some ideas and help for determining the thread.

Please do not forget to order the stahlbus dust cap, too. Only this protects the inner O-ring. The original rubber cap are not only ugly, but also simply too short. Link: Bleeding system -> Tools

With detailed and illustrated operating instructions.

No operating license or registry with the competent authority necessary!  

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