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stahlbus Oil Drain Valve M22x1.5x12mm, steel (set) with retainer

M22 x 1.5 Set, Illustration similar

A conventional oil change is always associated with spills and dirty hands. Therefore, this system has been developed with which you can perform an oil change completely safe and clean.

The stahlbus®-oil drain valve will easily replace the existing drain screw. When changing the oil, you unscrew the cap and put on the hose connector via quick release. Only when this is locked, the valve opens and the oil can be drained into the provided container.

function of the oil drain valve

The advantages at a glance:
•   Easy handling due to quick release
•   Drain valve can not be lost
•   No risk of burns from hot oil
•   Seal change is not necessary
•   Sump thread is spared
•   Double outlet protection (protective cap and valve)
•   Connection to suction possible
•   Optimal application for discharge sampling or trapping
•   Protective cover against loss through O-ring
•   Protective cover additionally secured with a safety chain on the valve body
•   Change oil without tools

Thus, the oil change makes fun!

- Valve body, CNC precision turned part made of high quality steel
- Copper seal
- Hose connector, CNC precision turned part made of high quality steel
- High quality hose 40cm long
- Protection cover made of steel with retainer
- Illustrated Manual

Please choose the matching thread of the bottom part (adapter). If you are not sure which kind of thread you will need, you will find here some ideas and help for determining the thread.

No operating license or registry with the competent authority necessary!

how to use the oil drain valve

Further detailed information on the oil drain valve can be found here.